Who could have thought that I could get a better sleep with this!

my homemade turmeric tea

I have started my journey to a better health using natural herbs and healthy lifestyle.

I have read a lot about the use of turmeric in the cure of any inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and even prevention of heart disease. I started using this in some of my meals (chicken curry,and others for food coloring).

One day, as I was cleaning our backyard, I found a raw turmeric, abundant in fact, just sitting there for many years, and so I decided to dig to get some. I googled and searched for ingredients to make a turmeric tea, maybe I could find one that could help me use this.

What else could we get from the use of turmeric?

  1. It is a blood thinner
  2. It regulates blood sugar
  3. It helps in some emotional depression
  4. It helps relieve an inflammation

but I have not read anything about its effect on some degree of insomnia.

I finally made a turmeric tea with these ingredients:

  1. raw thinly-sliced turmeric
  2. a teaspoonful of honey
  3. a small sized lemon fruit

I added a glass of water into the thinly-sliced turmeric, bring it to boil, leave it for a number of minutes until it is warm and safe for drinking, strain and pour in a glass/cup, add in a teaspoonful of honey and squeeze a small size of lemon to taste.

I gave a glass to my husband and one for me at bedtime. I found out that my husband who had a problem with sleeping (he wakes up in the middle of the night and spends 2-3 hours doing different things just to him back to sleep), had about 8-9 hours of undisturbed sleep! I can’t believe it! Who could have thought that this turmeric works wonder!

Every night, I never fail to make a good tea…for a better health!

Try it!