How to get your kids up on their toes on the first day of classes for the year 2013? by anDorado


Everybody had a great time with family and friends during the Christmas season, can’t complain enough after the family reunions, dining out with friends, partying, and etc. Kids spent their holiday with cousins and friends, partying, swimming, running around, computer games at Timezone, etc. They might as well ask you to allow them to be absent from their classes on the first day of school. Hangover is just around the corner and whether we like it or not, we have to face a brand new year, but Mums are having problems: “How do i get my kids up and about on the first day of classes for the year 2013?” Well, here are some tips. These might help you, Mums with the same problem.

1. Set their minds for the first day of classes. Mind-setting is a powerful tool to prepare the kids psychologically and be anticipating for things.
2. No more television shows the night before their classes.
3. Purchase new set of ballpen or crayons or papers – for them to get excited for their first day in school.
4. Give them a print – out of their picture taken during their holiday get-away with cousins – so they will have something to show their classmates, something to talk about. This could excite them for their first day of class.
5. Let them prepare their bags and its contents to avoid the “early-morning-rush”.
6. “Early to bed, Early to Rise” policy will definitely help. A glass of milk before going to bed may help put them to sleep early and avoiding colas, energy drinks or even chocolates – these will keep them awake all night, thus making it hard for them to get to bed early.

These tips could help us, Mums, to get them up early for their FIRST DAY of classes. Goodluck Mums! 🙂


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