Christmas trees, lights, foods especially prepared during christmas season, christmas carolling, gift-giving, christmas parties at school — these are just a few of the good things kids look forward to during christmas.

But it’s a different picture for these kids at Compostela valley, after the place had been hit by Typhoon Pablo.

We were able to visit the place — New Bataan, one of the barrios that was heavily devastated. Houses were either totally washed-out or half-covered with mud, school gyms were totally flat to the ground, plants/trees were literally washed – out, mud – filled highways and people, adult and kids alike are seen on the side of the highway, asking for food, water and shelter. It was a heart-breaking picture of a formerly happy, full of life barrio surrounded by green trees and plants.

Oftentimes, we see kids just running around, being naive and unaware of the problems in the family, but this time, we saw them asking for food and even struggled with other adults to get one of those prepacked relief goods being delivered by the government and non – government organizations.

Great efforts were made by surrounding Filipino communities and even by the neighboring countries to help those victims of the typhoon. Food, shelter, water, psychological help for adults and PSYCHOSOCIAL Support for kids are among the support that were afforded to them, so that at least they will still feel the spirit of christmas (the most famous Filipino tradition).

Whatever their wishes are for the coming year 2013, let us continue to help them realize it, or at least let these kids still enjoy the christmas season and — the GIFT OF LIFE. God help them!


AFFORDABLE PARTY GOODIES to prepare for a birthday girl at school. by anDorado



484358_10151186785247675_1548983841_n[1]Most of the time, mums encounter difficult problems once their kid’s birthdays falls on a school day. Problems encountered ranged from foods that will be served and could be consumed in a little time, goodies to be given away as a token, activities that could be done in a lil time, food that could be given to the teachers and the likes.

Mums more often serves spaghetti, cake, fried chicken during birthdays. Here are some suggestions that are affordable and could just come in handy.

1. beautifully decorated cupcakes (rainbow-colored, vanilla, or chocolate)
2. popsicles or individually-wrapped ice creams
3. hotdogs with marshmallows
4. goodies: candies, colored ballpens, erasable tattoos, stickers, coloring pads, biscuits, lollipops, colored chewing-gums. These could be wrapped in colorful wrappers (sponge-bob, princess, and other cartoon characters), you can also use different colors of ribbons that could be tied on the top part of your wrappers (INSTEAD OF USING LOOT BAGs which is commonly used).
5. A gift for your school-age birthday girl: Painting materials, stickers, note pads, colored ballpens, framed drawing with colored glittering glue to be used as the coloring pens.

Lastly, dont forget to document the activity and print it. you can give your framed collaged pictures as a post birthday gift to your lil birtdhday girl. I bet, she will be extremely happy and she wont forget this year’s birthday celebration. And mums will be happy too, not only that things went well, but money are spent WISELY!

When your day gets rough… get your shoe shined! by anDorado


Times may sometimes get rough and we may feel like we’re totally worn out and abused.

Your day may start to rise and shine on your end. You woke up early in the morning, rushed to the kitchen to prepare your breakfast, whispered a prayer while slicing down onions and garlic, woke the children up for school, made your bed before going to the bathroom, and be a 100-meter-dash-runner/athlete to the bathroom at last, to prepare yourself for work. In the end, you found yourself putting your make-up on, combing your hair while hubby is driving you off to school and your workplace. It’s an ADRENALINE RUSH! Wheewww! Just a typcal working mum!

You spent your day, 8-12 hours in your workplace, finishing deadlines, managing your area and people under you, creating an effective, workaholic and a strong woman aura, just a completely different person when you’re out with your family. But that’s just your way of putting everything in the right places and balancing everything or just making everything within your grip!

But keeping everything done, at the end of the day, will make you feel WORN OUT and USED UP!

I realized, I only have one body and my responsibilities are just around the corner, waiting to engulf me. Maybe a good Thai massage, and a good dinner with my family will keep my sanity intact and my strength renewed, that’s when I say — I should GET MY SHOE SHINED!. After all, I’ve worked hard to be happy and I deserved it! Get a good one too!