RED VELVET – the sweet taste of friendship. by anDorado

*This is dedicated to my “best laughing buddies” through all these years: CHRISTELINE, MILDRED, LEAH, IRISH, IMEE, MADER (Jinky, Tina, Ruby, michelle, hazel and d rest of my friends, u brought my heart with u 🙂

IRISH, one of my best-buddies in my workplace (at present), loves baking. Trying her luck in this endeavor, she started with Red velvet cupcake. She brought a sample to the office and chose me to be one of her “taste-tester”. I was just one lucky girl to have tasted at least most of her products, but my favorite was the RED VELVET CUPCAKE. I thought it was AWESOME! By the looks of it, it’s already mouth-watering. It was interestingly designed with pure cream cheese frosting. Her very first red velvet cupcake was the ones I loved the most. Probably, it was because of her notable excitement in her new found hobby and it was surely well-researched and carefully-made cupcake.

Cupcakes can also be associated with our friends. Like cupcakes, friends could come in different colors, could be plain and simple, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of friends. Some friends are heavily decorated, flattery ones, their friendship towards others could just be their external decorations.

But in whatever forms they may come, friends are always blessings to us because just like cupcakes, they still have that sweetness in them. You still remember the warmth they may have brought on you, the sweetest smile that they had once painted on your face.

Friends may just come and go. But true friends are those that lets your first impression last, the sweetness that you have tasted when you first have them still continues to remind you of God’s blessing.

Be thankful that you have good friends with you, savor the moments you have with them, for you do not know how long will their sweetness last.

I am one lucky “taste-tester”, that I am able to taste the sweetness that each friend has brought me, just like the RED VELVET, having the sweet taste of friendship.

*Thank you for the friendship.


6 thoughts on “RED VELVET – the sweet taste of friendship. by anDorado

    1. lol! i hope she’s gonna bring another bunch! but i just couldnt forget how her first red velvet taste like… i sooooo lovitttttt!!!! i dont have a sweet tooth but i dunno why i got madly in love with her first one. hehehehe! cant compare it with others.

      1. we’ll of course first time kaya!!! lol glad i bring out the sweet tooth in you… and hopefully the love handles too! hahaha! expect for more sugar rush… thanks for blogging up my baking chronicles!

    2. will do tom.! lol i so love this blog too!!! thanks! agad agad ha! savor the friendship, it’s sweetness and every joy that brings into your life!

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