RED VELVET – the sweet taste of friendship. by anDorado

*This is dedicated to my “best laughing buddies” through all these years: CHRISTELINE, MILDRED, LEAH, IRISH, IMEE, MADER (Jinky, Tina, Ruby, michelle, hazel and d rest of my friends, u brought my heart with u ūüôā

IRISH, one of my best-buddies in my workplace (at present), loves baking. Trying her luck in this endeavor, she started with Red velvet cupcake. She brought a sample to the office and chose me to be one of her “taste-tester”. I was just one lucky girl to have tasted at least most of her products, but my favorite was the RED VELVET CUPCAKE. I thought it was AWESOME! By the looks of it, it’s already mouth-watering. It was interestingly designed with pure cream cheese frosting. Her very first red velvet cupcake was the ones I loved the most. Probably, it was because of her notable excitement in her new found hobby and it was surely well-researched and carefully-made cupcake.

Cupcakes can also be associated with our friends. Like cupcakes, friends could come in different colors, could be plain and simple, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of friends. Some friends are heavily decorated, flattery ones, their friendship towards others could just be their external decorations.

But in whatever forms they may come, friends are always blessings to us because just like cupcakes, they still have that sweetness in them. You still remember the warmth they may have brought on you, the sweetest smile that they had once painted on your face.

Friends may just come and go. But true friends are those that lets your first impression last, the sweetness that you have tasted when you first have them still continues to remind you of God’s blessing.

Be thankful that you have good friends with you, savor the moments you have with them, for you do not know how long will their sweetness last.

I am one lucky “taste-tester”, that I am able to taste the sweetness that each friend has brought me, just like the RED VELVET, having the sweet taste of friendship.

*Thank you for the friendship.



Having a son is a blessing! ¬†Without a doubt, my son gives me the sense of security, in a way, especially now that he is already a teenager. ¬†With my husband working on sundays, he does some things in the house that I cannot do as a woman, also helps me with some chores, also goes with me in the market to help me bring the goods, which means I felt like I have with me “my superhero”, so to speak.¬†

One day, my husband got out of the car to buy something from the store. ¬†While I and the kids were talking and laughing inside the van, my son noticed my skirt was pulled up above my knee, having sat carelessly with my legs crossed. ¬†To my surprise, he pulled it down to cover my exposed legs. ¬†He said the car tint would not be enough to hide people inside the car, therefore people would still see us inside, and even see my exposed legs. ¬†“Toink!”. ¬†Never in my wildest dream, would I expect my son to say that. ¬†I just felt good inside when i heard it, knowing that my son could be so exceptionally protective of me!

It was not the first time he tried to protect me. ¬†I still have to coax him for him to give me his reasons for being so protective of me. ¬†After a few minutes of coaxing, he finally gave me his reasons: ¬†Firstly, he just thought it to be his INSTINCT that pushes him to protect me from any possible dangers or from possible dangerous people. ¬†Secondly, he thought it would be just right to repay the care that I gave him by taking care of me. ¬†Thirdly, each time my husband goes out of town for a few days, it was his dad’s advise and instruction to take good care of me and his sister. ¬†

It was indeed a delight to have a responsible son like him, for whatever reasons he may have, I still believe as his mum, it was his love for me that pushes him to continually protect me.  

It is a positive feeling of worth in our children to give them little responsibilities in life and to readily show them how much we care for them without anything in return. ¬†With this, they will feel responsible and give you back what you truly deserve. At the end of the day, I am still a happy mum, can’t complain of anything because …¬†It’s just nice to be loved by an¬†OVERPROTECTIVE SON. ¬†




I made a research study about the use of Play to be able to understand the colorful world of¬†these “little people”, our kids.

Kids also have “bad moments”.¬† Sometimes they are fussy, in pain, uncomfortable, depressed, crying, happy, confused, and out of control, especially when they have tantrums.¬†¬† And when they’re in that bad moments, they are not able to convey their thoughts verbally.¬† And more often than not, mum like me, tends to have a hard time understanding them, what they want, how they feel and things like that.¬†¬†¬† We dont want to shout at our kids just so they will hear us.¬† or probably, blow the eardrums of your kids, just because you’re already shouting at the top of your lungs,¬†forcing them to say what they want so you will understand.¬† Or probably end up crying because you’re disappointed that you dont seem to get the message from¬†your daughter or your son.¬† You probably see them playing with their toys, or destroying them, or madly scribbling something¬†on a piece of paper.¬† But you dont get them to talk about it, and you dont understand why they are behaving that way.¬†Well, probably, its time for you to get up and learn the easy way to understand them:¬† PLAY WITH THEM, HONEY!

We think our kids already aged so fast that they doesnt need to play anymore.  No! 

Drawing or Painting is an example of¬†Play.¬† We can¬†readily draw¬†some thoughts and emotions of our kids through carefully observing their drawings.¬† My 9 year old daughter, Ella Sofia,¬†used to draw a big, 2 storey-house, with a car parked outside, having a¬†mom, dad, kuya, and herself holding¬†each others hands, with her favorite pet “popo”.¬† She¬†used to show me her drawings (which are mostly a¬†picture of a happy family), and i just had one reaction: “very good, Ella! nice drawing” — i painted a smile on my face¬†, to show that i am so pleased with her work of art and to show my approval.¬† I’ve been seeing drawings like that on top of the table, sometimes inserted in one of her books, and just anywhere in the house.¬† Until one day, we went to a certain resort, and passed by a big, 2-storey house.¬† She amazingly pointed to the big house and shouted at the top of her lungs “Wow!¬† I want to live in a big big house like that! and I will bring our family¬†and¬†popo with me…someday!”¬† and we laughed!¬† Later did I realized, I have already seen her dreams and wishes a long time ago, but failed to understand and recognize them—through her drawings.

Play indeed is an important tool to our kids world.  We are able to understand their thoughts, pains, and dreams through Play.  Lest we forget, that toys are their words, and Play is their way to communicate with us!

Mums, let us not get tired of playing with our kids, even just by¬†actively¬†helping them with the right colors they should put on a tail of the dog, or providing them the materials or the toys¬†they needed.¬†We might not know it, WE¬†ARE ALREADY GETTING INTO THE WORLD OF “LITTLE PEOPLE“, our kids!¬†

Our kids, Our happiness!  So, enjoy! 

* Title of my research: Effects of Play Therapy to the Pain Management of Post Operative Pediatric Patients at ___________(a government hospital here in my place). If you’re interested with my study, please feel free to contact me, I will be pleased to be of help. Thank you!