Walk your marriage to a new level!

One of my doctoral subjects had moved me to get on my rubber shoes and walk an hour a day for a week- just to meet one of our requirements in that class.

5.00 am – gets up, prepare myself/5.30 am meet up with classmates and our professor at the university gate/WALKS around the university for 1 hour and ends at 6.45 am/eats breakfast/takes a bath/runs to the class and gets ready for the quiz and report.

That was how I started my day.

I thought to myself, “I will just do this for the sake of my requirements”.  So I painstakingly wakes up every morning to walk and later that week, my husband joined the group every morning.

But what else do I get from walking one hour everyday?

A study on the Association of Exercise and Mood “thirty minutes of exercise of moderate intensity, such as brisk walking for 3 days a week, is sufficient for these health benefits. Moreover, these 30 minutes need not to be continuous; three 10-minute walks are believed to be as equally useful as one 30-minute walk” (Andrade and Peluso, 2005).

Health benefits from regular exercise that should be emphasized and reinforced

  1. Improved sleep
  2. Increased interest in sex
  3. Better endurance
  4. Stress relief
  5. Improvement in mood
  6. Increased energy and stamina
  7. Reduced tiredness that can increase mental alertness
  8. Weight reduction
  9. Reduced cholesterol and improved cardiovascular fitness

I am a nurse and I wish to make a change on other people’s lives.

I can see people dying from lifestyle diseases.  I can see people suffering from emotionContinue reading “Walk your marriage to a new level!”


How to get your kids up on their toes on the first day of classes for the year 2013? by anDorado


Everybody had a great time with family and friends during the Christmas season, can’t complain enough after the family reunions, dining out with friends, partying, and etc. Kids spent their holiday with cousins and friends, partying, swimming, running around, computer games at Timezone, etc. They might as well ask you to allow them to be absent from their classes on the first day of school. Hangover is just around the corner and whether we like it or not, we have to face a brand new year, but Mums are having problems: “How do i get my kids up and about on the first day of classes for the year 2013?” Well, here are some tips. These might help you, Mums with the same problem.

1. Set their minds for the first day of classes. Mind-setting is a powerful tool to prepare the kids psychologically and be anticipating for things.
2. No more television shows the night before their classes.
3. Purchase new set of ballpen or crayons or papers – for them to get excited for their first day in school.
4. Give them a print – out of their picture taken during their holiday get-away with cousins – so they will have something to show their classmates, something to talk about. This could excite them for their first day of class.
5. Let them prepare their bags and its contents to avoid the “early-morning-rush”.
6. “Early to bed, Early to Rise” policy will definitely help. A glass of milk before going to bed may help put them to sleep early and avoiding colas, energy drinks or even chocolates – these will keep them awake all night, thus making it hard for them to get to bed early.

These tips could help us, Mums, to get them up early for their FIRST DAY of classes. Goodluck Mums! 🙂


RED VELVET – the sweet taste of friendship. by anDorado

*This is dedicated to my “best laughing buddies” through all these years: CHRISTELINE, MILDRED, LEAH, IRISH, IMEE, MADER (Jinky, Tina, Ruby, michelle, hazel and d rest of my friends, u brought my heart with u 🙂

IRISH, one of my best-buddies in my workplace (at present), loves baking. Trying her luck in this endeavor, she started with Red velvet cupcake. She brought a sample to the office and chose me to be one of her “taste-tester”. I was just one lucky girl to have tasted at least most of her products, but my favorite was the RED VELVET CUPCAKE. I thought it was AWESOME! By the looks of it, it’s already mouth-watering. It was interestingly designed with pure cream cheese frosting. Her very first red velvet cupcake was the ones I loved the most. Probably, it was because of her notable excitement in her new found hobby and it was surely well-researched and carefully-made cupcake.

Cupcakes can also be associated with our friends. Like cupcakes, friends could come in different colors, could be plain and simple, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of friends. Some friends are heavily decorated, flattery ones, their friendship towards others could just be their external decorations.

But in whatever forms they may come, friends are always blessings to us because just like cupcakes, they still have that sweetness in them. You still remember the warmth they may have brought on you, the sweetest smile that they had once painted on your face.

Friends may just come and go. But true friends are those that lets your first impression last, the sweetness that you have tasted when you first have them still continues to remind you of God’s blessing.

Be thankful that you have good friends with you, savor the moments you have with them, for you do not know how long will their sweetness last.

I am one lucky “taste-tester”, that I am able to taste the sweetness that each friend has brought me, just like the RED VELVET, having the sweet taste of friendship.

*Thank you for the friendship.

Who could have thought that I could get a better sleep with this!

Turmeric Tea works wonders!


my homemade turmeric tea

I have started my journey to a better health using natural herbs and healthy lifestyle.

I have read a lot about the use of turmeric in the cure of any inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and even prevention of heart disease. I started using this in some of my meals (chicken curry,and others for food coloring).

One day, as I was cleaning our backyard, I found a raw turmeric, abundant in fact, just sitting there for many years, and so I decided to dig to get some. I googled and searched for ingredients to make a turmeric tea, maybe I could find one that could help me use this.

What else could we get from the use of turmeric?

  1. It is a blood thinner
  2. It regulates blood sugar
  3. It helps in some emotional depression
  4. It helps relieve an inflammation

but I have not read anything about…

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A glimpse of Malaysia!

Malaysia (outskirt) at night

This is one of my requirements, a reflective journal, in my doctorate degree in Public Health.

A must-visit place, a highly-urbanized country, extremely diverse community with people so disciplined and harmoniously living with one another… worth-emulating!


Diabetes Mellitus has become one of the largest public health problems to date. Decreased physical activity, overnutrition, and nutrition transitions caused by changes in lifestyle contribute to the increasing incidence of chronic metabolic diseases as well as deaths related to them. The shift from undernutrition to overnutrition indicates that chronic diseases of affluence have become a public health problem.

Overweight/obesity, dietary practices and physical activity in both adults and school children are the major risk factors among Malaysians.  The fact indicates that obesity and physical inactivity may constitute the main reasons for the increasing burden of diabetes in the developed world (Sanchez-Tainta et al., 2008). The combined prevalence of overweight/obesity in 2015 is 47.7% for adults. Adults did not achieve the recommended intakes for the majority of the food groups in the Malaysian Food Pyramid especially fruits and vegetables. Adults also had moderate physical activity level. Three nation-wide studies showed a prevalence ranging from 27 to 31% for combined overweight/obesity in school children. The prevalence was higher among boys, primary school age, Indian ethnicity, and even rural children are not spared. Physical activity level was also low among school children (Tee & Yap, 2017).

This study will show a brief picture of how Malaysians live their lives; alone and with others in a diverse community, the needs assessment that was done in a 4 day immersion in the community and the possible program that may be done according to the result of the health needs assessment.


Originally, the Malay lives on a wooden-built type of houses, which are still found somewhat the same as that in some parts of the Philippines, nipa huts that are elevated (I’ve seen these in Taman Mini in Jakarta Indonesia).  In 1970s, Malaysia became highly-urbanized country.  Now, the Malaysians are living in an owned and rented apartments, condominiums and owned big houses.  Subdivisions are situated outside the KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Center (in outskirt areas)



Their main language is Bahasa Malaysia, which is their main medium of instruction for the primary and secondary schools.  And because of their diversity, they have English as their second language.  This is the reason that Malaysians are able to communicate even with foreigners (unlike other race whose language is only Bahasa). However, other races like Chinese, Indians, Indo-Europeans and others, still somehow uses their own language when speaking with their own race, and communicates well also using Bahasa and English.

Cultures and Traditions

Malaysians have different cultures and traditions that is rich, according to where they came from; Indians wears their beautiful traditional costumes during their weddings, Chinese uses incense in their homes and places of worship, Chinese’ tradition on their family business sees to it that one member of the family should be able to continue it not only to make money but most especially to continue their family tradition on food preparation and dishes.  Malaysians may have different values, beliefs and traditions, but they shared the same passion and love for food.  Malaysia is a food haven!

traditional cooking pot in one of the restaurants

The history

The cities and large towns of Peninsular Malaysia were built up during the colonial and postcolonial periods and are distributed mainly in the tin and rubber belt along the west side of the peninsula. The towns are associated with mining, manufacturing and industry, trade, and administrative functions, although each town usually functions in several of these areas. Some towns are located at coastal or riverine sites, reflecting the early importance of water transport, while more recently developed towns have been built in inland areas that rely on road, rail, and air transport.  Urbanization in Peninsular Malaysia has been especially rapid since the 1970s. 

Common health habits, morbidity and mortality

I have read in one of the magazines found in the church, an article saying Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 is the topmost cause of morbidity among Malaysians.  Modern Malaysians seldom cooks food at home because of their busy schedules.  They eat their breakfast often in restaurants (Chinese restaurants who opens early in the market) and goes to work.  Drop by the restaurants to get their dinner, stays with friends until even midnight (to de- stress).  This, most often, may have become their way of life.  Malaysians are not seen on the streets to walk, most of them owns more than one car in the family.  Those who don’t own a car gets a public transport; bus goes around the city is free of charge to the public, bullet trains, MRT and LRT brings them to their destinations.  Public transportation is commendable and worth emulating!  The downside is, Malaysians do not have the opportunity to exercise on a daily basis.  

This kind of life may have predisposed the Malaysians to develop non-communicable diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

Unique quality of the community

Malaysia is an extremely diverse community.  This is the quality that I admire the most.  However, they managed to live harmoniously, respect each other’s cultures and traditions, share with others the uniqueness of each other’s cultures and traditions, does not need to impose their beliefs on others, but may mean that Christians are not free to share their beliefs on others.

With this needs assessment, the following are the Health Programmes that may be proposed.

I. Cooking demonstration or the CHIP program

Decreasing caloric intake, decreasing intake of dietary protein and lipids/less meat intake, increasing fruits and vegetable intake.  According to Pan, Li, Hu (1997), lifestyle changes and exercise are the only weapons to deter the progress of diabetes mellitus and prevent its occurrence.

 II. Free Zumba exercise programs in public places like in the parks every morning.

Zumba fitness could be considered an effective type of physical activity able to improve aerobic capacity. Limited evidence described positive effects on muscular strength and flexibility (Vendramin et al., 2016).

III. Impose and improve the use of their bicycle lanes available on the streets.

Integrating cycling into daily routines provides a promising approach to increase physical activity, given the many people who spend 30 minutes and more commuting daily, yet struggle to find the extra half-hour to exercise (Bauman et al., 2012, Sallis et al., 2003; Robinson and Goodway, 2009; Robinson, 2011).

Bicycle lanes are provided along the streets, however, people probably have not seen the need to use them.

IV. Create a bi-annual fun run

Recent research has shown that the presence of a competitor can increase physical effort over both short (Le Bouc and Pessiglione, 2013) and long durations (Kilduff, 2014). Competitiveness has also been shown to increase physical motivation, such as motivation to practice a sport (Frederick-Recascino and Schuster-Smith, 2003).  Furthermore, Burguillo (2010) found that implementing competition-based games in a classroom improved course performance. One might therefore assume that competition may directly improve some aspect of the memory process; yet, it is unclear whether competition directly affects attention, effort, or memory.  In addition, Kilduff (2014) has found that competition tends to increase physical effort on a gross physical effort task (i.e., running a race).


Urbanization of a country is not bad at all, in fact, it boosts the country’s economy, gives more jobs to its residents and may increase the quality of life of the people. However, it may have an impact on the health of the people, in one way or another. One of these are the emergence of non-communicable or lifestyle diseases. This may be seen as another challenge for the government. While this may be true, preventive health programs may still be of importance in this kind of community.

Malaysia is not negligent on its responsibility of putting their health care system on top, in fact, they made their health care services affordable for Malaysians. This is indeed commendable!

Who could have thought that I could get a better sleep with this!

my homemade turmeric tea

I have started my journey to a better health using natural herbs and healthy lifestyle.

I have read a lot about the use of turmeric in the cure of any inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and even prevention of heart disease. I started using this in some of my meals (chicken curry,and others for food coloring).

One day, as I was cleaning our backyard, I found a raw turmeric, abundant in fact, just sitting there for many years, and so I decided to dig to get some. I googled and searched for ingredients to make a turmeric tea, maybe I could find one that could help me use this.

What else could we get from the use of turmeric?

  1. It is a blood thinner
  2. It regulates blood sugar
  3. It helps in some emotional depression
  4. It helps relieve an inflammation

but I have not read anything about its effect on some degree of insomnia.

I finally made a turmeric tea with these ingredients:

  1. raw thinly-sliced turmeric
  2. a teaspoonful of honey
  3. a small sized lemon fruit

I added a glass of water into the thinly-sliced turmeric, bring it to boil, leave it for a number of minutes until it is warm and safe for drinking, strain and pour in a glass/cup, add in a teaspoonful of honey and squeeze a small size of lemon to taste.

I gave a glass to my husband and one for me at bedtime. I found out that my husband who had a problem with sleeping (he wakes up in the middle of the night and spends 2-3 hours doing different things just to him back to sleep), had about 8-9 hours of undisturbed sleep! I can’t believe it! Who could have thought that this turmeric works wonder!

Every night, I never fail to make a good tea…for a better health!

Try it!

A breath of fresh air

It was on January of this year that I passed-by some posters in one of the malls in the city that tells about the future: for your career, health, love life, family, etc. I thought reading things like this would be so much fun! I even captured a snapshot of the poster which says: “It is a green light for you this year. Career wise, the door is open for you. You will finally get your dream of having that nook in your office with the wonderful view”, my horoscope says.


I grinned. A bit excited. I went home.

My days went on.  I was enjoying my laid-back life, convenient, easy-go-lucky and as if things just come and go.  I thought that nothing so hard and complicated in life that I just cannot hurdle.  Self-reliant?  Yes I am aware that as a christian, there is no one else that I should rely on so much in this life but God.  But that was how I see myself before (sigh).  Somehow, things just became boring, day in and day out.

One morning, my husband disbursed this news to me. We were called as a family to work in our denominational university in Luzon. I just stared at him with disbelief! What? Why? How? These are the words that came out from my mouth.

It was indeed the time when we have to drop down on our knees; together we spent nights talking to our Creator, asked for enlightenment.

I started to search for answers to my unending questions.  Why us?  Why now when we’ve started planning for our retirement?  What about my investments?  My questions and worries went on….

And finally, the decision was made…to move to another place…to start anew.

Moving to a place that I haven’t been yet and meeting people whom I considered as complete strangers is no good at all, I thought.  Will I be happy?  Or is God happy with my decision?  I made a decision – TO TRUST HIM MORE, just as a blind person putting his trust on the one person leading the way for him.

On my first day of work:


Who could have thought that this majestic scenery is what we will be seeing in our new workplace?

As I recall few months back, “It is a green light for you … You will finally get your dream of having that nook in your office with the wonderful view”.   But to my understanding, there is a much bigger reason than what was written on the poster in the mall.  I believe that it is by God’s grace that I am able to witness His miracle through this majestic view!

Not only literally has this been a breath of fresh air but realizing I am living a life away from the hustle and bustle of the city and being able to rely more on God and less on myself…i guess is a fresh air. 😀

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and LEAD ME IN THE WAY EVERLASTING”.  Psalm 139:23-24

LOVE indeed….

“Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which  smiles and kindnesses, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort”.                                                                                                                                                       — Sir H. Davy

I still remember vividly my life when I had my son as a first-time parent.  I had to give up my work and spend my time with him, see to it that he’s well-fed and eats the right kind of food, steps his first safely, says his first word and the like.


Others may see this as a sacrifice, but to me, this is a manifestation of my great LOVE toward my kids: Jan Lenard, Ella Sofia, Jillianne.

my kids

And now that my first two, Jan Lenard and Ella Sofia are on their pre-teen years, I am still a happy mum, making myself available as much as possible to every special moments in their lives: school competitions they attend to, play their games, prepare them to their Senior’s ball, prepare their food for their birthday celebrations with their classmates and I am still delighted to hear them say “Thank you and I love you mum!”



But of course, I may not be a strong and a happy mum to them, without the love and support of my husband who is equally in-love with my kids.


Let us be generous of our LOVE to our Family members and to all around us.  After all, it is FREE to Love!

Let this be our prayer:

“Lord, give me Your vision so that I may witness the big and small opportunities to be generous.  May I let Your LOVE flow freely to others without judgment, ego, or fear so that compassion and goodness are my journey companions.  Amen”.

A Miracle of Life after 11 years

1958041_10152373847232675_2074885995374907749_nIt’s been 11 years since I had my last pregnancy and it’s like I am back to my original physique and “near-single-life-minusboys” with of course 2 kids (a 15 and 11 years old).  I am able to stay out late, do zumba, dine out with friends and the like.  But things had been a bit boring sometimes.  The kids had their own activities and had good time with their friends, husband busy with work and I am left alone.  I am extremely in awe that Life has been so good to me and my family, blessed us abundantly.  Just as things are working so well, we were given a bonus: A NEW BABY GIRL!  I knew from the start that it will be a life-changing event.

Here are a few things that the family is enjoying with the arrival of our new baby:

1.  FREE BABY – SITTER.  Since my kids are all grown-up (a teenager and a school-age), they are able to help in taking care and baby-sitting their little sister, I still hired a nanny, though.  It is an amazing sight for a mum like me seeing my kids enjoying each other’s company.  It’s like they’re just playing with a little doll.  They don’t see our baby as a rival anymore to their parents attention rather somebody they need to give their attention to.  This fostered a sense of responsibility and commitment to each other at the same time taking the role of each one in the family at an early age.

2.  A NICE FAMILY BONDING.  Bonding is something that unites individuals or people, according to Webster’s dictionary.  It has been somewhat our automatic reaction that right after having our dinner, we play with our little booboo, and we’re enjoying her.  Times like this may also be a chance for us as parents to cultivate our friendship with them.  “Give some of your leisure hours to your children; associate with them in their work and in their sports, and win their confidence.  Cultivate their friendship.  Let parents devote the evenings to their families.  Lay off care and perplexity with the labors of the day”, The Adventist Home, pg192.  This is what I call “quality time” spent well with my family.

3.  ANOTHER LOVE, ANOTHER LIFE.  I fell in love with her the first time I felt her inside my womb, the first time I heard her heart beat.  It was a feeling that is beyond imagination, indescribable feeling that only new parents experienced.  I had my ultrasound done and my husband was with me.  I waited for the doctor to find her heartbeat, until…Tsug!Tsug!Tsug! A loud train-like sound was heard and the doctor confirmed it to be her heartbeat.  I couldn’t help myself but smile and saw my husband teary-eyed when we heard it the first time- after 11 years!  We’re like first time parents AGAIN!  This experience has renewed our love for each other as couples and our commitment to take care of each other and our new baby.  She is a great blessing! “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him”, Psalms 127:3

4.  AN ASSURANCE THAT A KID IS LEFT WITH US WHEN THE OLDER KIDS ARE OUT.  “Empty Nest Syndrome” is a feeling of emptiness felt by parents when the children are all grown-up and up and about with different activities outside home with their friends.  This is just one of those worries that has started to creep up on us both and I think most of the parents felt.  I have not prepared myself for this event to occur as I am just enjoying the company of  my kids yet because we are able to do things together without being pissed.  Just like birds, when it is the time for them to fly, eventually they will leave the nest and fly and do things on their own.  This is the way of life.  I have to accept it.  But accepting it will not be as hard this time, I have another baby to stay with me. That I am thankful and grateful for.

Being a nursing mom once again after 11 years is not easy.  It takes self-denial and some sacrifices, nevertheless, still extremely thankful that I was given another chance to nurture another life, a God-given life!